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6' ALBERT performance fish shortboard

6' ALBERT performance fish shortboard

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72 x 22.4 x 3.2” / 50 Liters

Our popular ALBERT fish, the original “Rock-It” is a versatile design that works for kids and adults, with volume for the small waves but the ability to handle better waves well, as Twiggy Baker has shown riding it in South Africa! The ALBERT is made with a focus on durability using environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes. Two marine wooden stringers are coated with an epoxy nano-coating to resist water absorption, then surrounded with a proprietary EPS foam and a color-fast & UV resistant soft top layer.

The soft top has a wide texture and doesn't require wax, although wax will improve grip. The entire board is heat laminated with no harmful dyes, glues, resins or toxins in the production process, and manufactured in a facility that uses collected rainwater. All materials used are recyclable. All Rock-It surfboards come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Why the Sea Camo Stripes on the bottom? In 2013 University of Western Australia neurobiologist Nathan Hart & entrepreneur Hamish Jolly conducted research that indicated a zebra striped pattern was a deterrence to sharks & presented their results in a Ted Talk. The patterns disperse the shark’s ability to identify the item, and mimic non-food source items in their environment. Of course there are no guarantees, but if there is an indication something could be safer, why not do it?

Care Tip: When not in the water, keep out of direct sunlight and heat, or leave on beach with soft top-side facing up.

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