Surfboard Softie

You may be wondering "What are soft surfboards?" As a new surfer, surfboard softies –or just "softies" –are surfboards most used by beginners because of the comfortable, soft top deck of the surfboard.  Whether you're a kid or an adventurous adult looking for a new hobby, these surfboards are ideal for training! Softies provide cushion while you're learning to propel yourself alongside the waves of the ocean. Softies are also lightweight, so they require less strength to maneuver in the water and are easier to transport to and from the beach. Another benefit to using a softie as your learner surfboard is that it lowers the risk of injury (for you and other surfers) as you learn to surf. Rock It-Surf is a company that was created with one goal in mind: to make sure that new surfers have an awesome, first-time experience as they explore the world of surfing. What are soft surfboards? The surfboard for beginners!