Foam Surfboards

If you’re interested in learning to surf, you’re most likely researching what type of surfboard is worth the investment for your new surfing endeavors. You'll want to check out Rock-It Surf's foam surfboards for sale! As a beginner, you’ll want a surfboard that’s sturdy, easy to maneuver, and won't break the bank.  Foam surfboards (also known as soft top surfboards) are great surfboards for novice surfers because, as the name suggests, the deck of the surfboard consists of foam, which reduces the likelihood of injury, not only for a new surfer, but for those swimming or surfing in the water nearby. Foam top surfboards –or "foamies" –are made of forgiving materials, which means that small nicks and dents won't be of great concern to a newbie surfer. Plus, the added volume of a foam surfboard equates to more float, making learning to surf much easier on a soft top surfboard.  At Rock-It Surf, we have an awesome collection of beginner foam surfboards for sale so you can feel totally stoked about hitting the waves!