Eco Friendly Surfboards

One of the best parts of surfing is the immersion in nature that one experiences.  The things you see...the light dancing on the water, the colors of the sunrises and sunsets, the mood changes of the sky, the beauty and power of good waves, the sea life around you.  Surfers interact with the natural environment more than most any other sport.

This special interaction wouldn’t be possible without clean, thriving beaches and ocean environments. At Rock-It Surf, we believe in backing our planet; we’re truly passionate about doing what we can to preserve the authentic beauty of our outdoor surroundings in which we’re given the incredible ability to surf. We originally started with specifying recycled materials in our product, but quality control and supplier compliance became issues over time, so we are now refocusing on using more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and materials, and also in making the most durable boards that we can so that they don’t become part of the throwaway culture. We are introducing recycled products back into our product lineup where they can meet our performance and durability specs--for example, our lineup of REVOLWE recycled leashes.  We're often participating in and/or sponsoring beach cleanup events.  As a socially and ethically responsible small business, we’re continuing to strive to improve our environmental footprint, and contribute to charities who help support our ethos.